Skid Mount Packaging System

Skid Mount Packaging System module is a component or sub-system of a package, which may be well mounted independently of any other equipment, system or package for convenience in transportation or installation. Packaging also implies the coordination and responsibility for integrating all these components into a unified whole, including design, engineering, construction, and assembly and testing.

Micropore ™ Skid-mounted process equipment proficiently distributes and stores machinery for process and modular systems such as gas and fluid systems. After process equipment is manufactured, it is permanently mounted in a frame or onto rails or a metal pallet. The equipment can then be transported safely and easily and used as a unit.

Micropore ™ Industries outshines in designing and fabrication of skid-mounted processing systems and equipment. Our systems are fully optimized, engineered and then installed. We design and manufacture an array of these modular systems for the process industries. The sectors where the company is focused is in oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, water treatment, etc. Our expertise helps ensure that fabrication tasks do not lead to costly plant interruptions.

Skid-mounted modular systems allow the equipment to be tested before being shipped. They also provide a safer method of plant modification by minimizing exposure to conditions that contractors are not trained handle.

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