Other Products of Micropore ™

Micropore ™ maintains a broad and extensive line of Fibres that include Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, Nomex (Nylon) and Teflon.

These polymers are in huge demand due to their outstanding properties like high tensile strength, high thermal stability, wear and tear resistance, superior abrasion resistance, anti-frictional nature and easy processing. These attributes make them suitable for textile, engineering, electric and electronics and automobile applications.

These fibres find their applications in a multitude of products, such as bedding, home furnishings, upholstery, floor coverings, paper and automotive interiors. These are extensively used for making a wide range of products ranging from interlinings for apparel to cosmetic and personal care products. Due to refinements in our manufacturing processes, we can provide quality approved fibres that are admired for their quality and environmental benefits.

Being one of the largest producers and suppliers of synthetic fibres, Micropore ™ offers top grade fibres for high-tech applications. We can supply many custom-made grades upon customers’ special request.

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Fibre Organic
& Petro
Alkalies Organic
Temp. limit. (Max) Deg.F)
Polyester Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Good Good Good 325
Polypropylene Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Good 325
Nylon Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Fair Poor Poor 325
Nomex(Nylon) Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Fair Poor Poor 475
Teflon Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent 500


Engineering/Automotive industries Coolant Oil
Chemical industries Vegetable Oil
Food and beverages Pulp and papers
Sugar(melt, Syrup, Juice) Acid and Chemicals
Plating Solutions Petrochemicals
Water Process Water
Viscosity (CPS) Correction Factor
50 4,5
100 8,5
200 16,6
400 27,7
800 50,1
1000 56,1
1500 77,2
2000 113,6
4000 161,1
6000 250
8000 325
10000 430